I am an accidental GIS techie.

Coming from a background in international development project management, I have a vested interest in narrowing the gap between GIS experts and potential end users for Geographic Information (GI) services and products, particularly regarding their use in Sudden-Onset Disasters (SODs).

I am volunteering for the British Red Cross as a Geographic Information Analyst.  The project I am supporting is the development of a GIS package which will be appropriate for a wide variety of users with varying backgrounds, skill and experience levels and needs.  The GIS package will be used in SOD situations, by novice users, in varying conditions, both on- and off-line primarily for logistical purposes.

I also work for MAG as a Community Liaison Manager.  MAG are a humanitarian  mine action organisation with a record of rapid response to humanitarian emergencies which arise out of conflict.  GI technologies are crucial in the work of mapping hazards and coordinating teams.  MAG’s Community Liaison staff are mostly recruited from the host nation where experience of using GI products is limited, therefore there is a great need for rapid and effective training of novices.

If you have any questions about the blog, my thesis research or the British Red Cross project, please leave a comment below.


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